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Getting Your Home Ready for the Rubbish Removal Company

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by Aaron Fabien

Rubbish removal can be a daunting task, whether you are doing it yourself or calling in the experts. By the time you talk to us, you may already be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of waste you have collected and want it all gone yesterday! 

For bulk rubbish removal, you may expect that it will be a time-consuming and exhausting day, but that is not necessarily the case.

For example, while we at All Gone Rubbish Removals pride ourselves on our complete rubbish removal service, there are a few things that you can do before we get there to ensure a timely and efficient removal, particularly if time is of the essence.

The home rubbish removal checklist

The expert team at All Gone Rubbish Removals is more than happy to handle all the heavy lifting. You do not have to move your junk or prepare your home or office for us. Whether you are dealing with renovation and construction mess or having a big spring cleanout, our team can help you clear the way. From old carpets to unwanted furniture, whether you are moving, rebuilding or dealing with a deceased estate, All Gone Rubbish Removals has you covered. 

The following checklist, however,  will give you some insight into how to prepare your home for quick and seamless rubbish removal.

1. Identify What Needs to be Removed

We can take away whatever you need to be removed (though please talk to us about removing hazardous materials when you book!), but having a firm idea of what needs to go before we arrive will speed up the removal process. We understand that some items may have sentimental value or you may be considering whether you will need that particular item of furniture again in the future, but making certain what will stay and what can go means we can be in and out in a flash, taking all your unwanted rubbish and waste with us!

Need help determining how much rubbish you need to have removed?

You may still be deciding exactly which items you want to be taken away. While our team can't decide for you whether you should keep or toss that old cabinet, what we can do is provide a detailed summary of our services and speak with you about your waste disposal needs and pricing so that we can send exactly the right-sized team in the right-sized truck.  

2. Make Sure Your Rubbish is Accessible

Making sure your rubbish is easy to reach makes our job a little bit easier, not to mention quicker for you! While our team has the knowledge and expertise to navigate tight places, including stairwells, basements and narrow corridors, it is best to quickly and easily grab that old and unwanted couch without it being buried under boxes and other furniture. You don't have to lump everything you want into one big heap, but making sure we can access it without issue means you can get back to your day with a tidier house that much sooner.

3. Ensure You Have Enough Space for the Rubbish Removal Company

The All Gone Rubbish Removals team are experts at reaching those tight and hard-to-reach places to gather up your rubbish and take it away. We can handle stairs, balconies, corridors and narrow gates, and some of our specialised trucks can handle tight outdoor spaces and go anywhere a 4WD can. However, we always appreciate as much space to work as you can give us. Particularly if it is a mess that needs cleaning up, rather than large items in the way.  

As always, we are here to do all the heavy lifting and can move other furniture and objects out of the way if needed, but if you are in a rush - the more space we have for us to work, the better. 

4. Make Sure Your Home is Safe for the Rubbish Removal Company

We prioritise our safety and yours, and we are fully equipped with the knowledge, expertise and equipment to handle large, heavy and generally awkward items. Additionally, making sure any pets or small children are kept out of the way means both us and your family stay safe. Keeping your beloved dog or cat in another room while we move furniture or other large rubbish keeps us all safe. 

While we love family pets like anyone else, animals running around people's feet while carrying heavy furniture or other loads presents a big and unnecessary risk to us, to you and especially to your little furry friend.

Keep your pets safe while preparing your house for rubbish removal

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5. Check the Rubbish Removal Company's Policies

You may be looking at a number of rubbish removal companies to find the right one, so make sure there's nothing in their policies that may make your collection difficult. For example, if you have some paint or hazardous waste in your 'to-go' pile of junk, will they still collect it?

At All Gone Rubbish Removals, we are proud of our transparency and any questions you have can be answered by our team with a simple phone call. Our quotes are agreed upon before we arrive and there will never be any sneaky hidden fees or surcharges on our service. With our years of expertise as rubbish removal experts, taking everything from regular household items to e-waste (computers, etc.), old appliances, green waste from the backyard, and even hazardous waste, we are confident that we can provide you with the most efficient and expert service at a very competitive price.

What About After The Rubbish Removal Company Leaves?

After our team has removed the last of your rubbish, we always sweep up or vacuum the site so that you can enjoy your new, clean space as soon as possible.

After that, deciding what to do with your tidied space is entirely up to you, while your waste finds new life being recycled or reused. Keeping your property tidy is good for the mind, and we hope you will enjoy your home, office, garage or backyard free of old trash!

Other questions we often get asked...

Here are a few more pro tips or questions you may find yourself asking yourself as you determine the type of service you're looking for:

Question: What to do with large items that won't fit in the bin?

Answer: Leave them to us! Our team have the experience and equipment to handle large, heavy items safely. Simply show us what you would like gone, and we will load it onto the truck ourselves. You don't have to lift a finger!

Question: How to dispose of hazardous waste safely?

Answer: Hazardous materials like batteries, paint and other chemicals can be safely removed and disposed of with a small additional fee that will be included in the initial quote. If you have hazardous items to dispose of, please tell us when you make your initial booking so that we can bring the proper equipment.

Tip: Sorting your rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable items

Answer: Our team is more than happy to sort your rubbish ourselves, but if you want to sort timber together, metals, cardboard and appliances, among other things, then we can load up and be out of your way that much quicker. We always sort your rubbish into recyclables so that as much as possible can be reused or repurposed.

Question: How to prepare your garden for the rubbish removal company?

Answer: Pile up leaves or clippings, if possible, as this will make it easier to load up into the back of our rubbish removal trucks. For larger branches or piles of dirt or gravel, leave the heavy lifting to us!

Pile of Leaves in Sydney for Rubbish Removal

So, what do you really need to do for your rubbish removalist's arrival?

As we have mentioned, knowing exactly what you want removed is the first and most important step, but so is organising your household to make the rubbish removal a quick and simple process.  If possible, make any heavy rubbish easily accessible, keep any pets or small children well away from the work area for their safety and ours. All of these things are very much appreciated by us and other rubbish removal services and ensure a smooth and seamless rubbish removal. 

Looking for Rubbish Removal Solutions in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle or the Hunter?

At All Gone Rubbish Removals, we are here to make your rubbish removal simple.  We do all the heavy lifting and have great customer service that values fast response times, clear communication and quotes without hidden fees. 

If you need your rubbish gone yesterday and are looking for a fast and affordable rubbish removal solution in Sydney, the Central Coast or Newcastle, talk to us today. 

Call us on 0427 783 277 or contact us through our website for a free quote about your next rubbish removal.

All Gone Rubbish Removals Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast

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