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How to Dispose of Concrete and Rubble

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Concrete and cement

With all the new interior designs, furniture, and rooms, home and office renovations often remind us of new beginnings. But behind all the flashy changes is the sad reality of overflowing construction waste, especially concrete and rubble. 

Did you know that 75% of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste is concrete? Unfortunately, most of this waste occupies significant space in landfills. Some are even illegally dumped in streets and bushlands, endangering people and wildlife. 

You can’t help but wonder, is there no way to discard concrete and rubble? 

Read on and explore how you can responsibly dispose of concrete and rubble from the kitchen and bathroom stripouts or any construction and demolition projects you’ve had.   

1. Recycle

Contrary to common beliefs, concrete and rubble can be recycled and repurposed as aggregates. These recycled crushed aggregates can then replace virgin quarried materials to produce roadbases, dust, crushed filtration sand, gardening mulch, and even infills for segmental retaining walls. 

In terms of quality, products partially made from recycled aggregates compete well with ones purely made of natural aggregates (NA). Apart from outstanding performance, a life cycle assessment (LCA) by the construction and demolition materials recycler, the Alex Fraser Group, also found that using recycled aggregates from construction waste produces 65% less carbon footprint than quarried materials/NA.

That said, the future of Australia’s concrete recycling is currently looking up, with concrete making up about 60% of all recycled masonry materials. But we all must work together to increase these numbers and achieve a circular economy. You can do your bit by taking your concrete and rubble waste to recycling facilities.

Some concrete suppliers also collect and recycle construction debris, so you can try calling them, too, in case nearby recycling facilities don’t accept concrete and rubble.  

2. Take it to a Transfer Station or Landfill

If your concrete and rubble are too contaminated to be recycled, you can take it to local landfills yourself. They usually charge $32 to $40 per ton of concrete. Although it’s not the ideal or eco-friendly disposal method, it’s better than leaving or illegally dumping your bulky waste in the streets or bushlands. 

However, not all landfills accept this type of waste, so make sure to call them before taking your concrete and rubble to the area. Otherwise, your trip will be for naught. 

3. Book Local Council Pick-ups

Proper rubbish removal is just as much a responsibility of your local council as it is of you. That’s why local councils offer free and paid pick-ups of bulky waste like concrete and rubble. But before booking this service, make sure that you know the following considerations:

  • Accepted types of waste
  • Your council’s pick-up rules and guidelines
  • Available pick-up schedule
  • Number of free council pick-ups
  • Collection time 

Some councils don’t accept hard waste like concrete and rubble, and some have waste volume limitations. So, you must be well-acquainted with your council’s guidelines if you don’t want to receive illegal dumping notices in your letterbox.

4. Hire Skip Bins

If the transfer station or landfill is too far from your place or you’ve already used all your allocated council pick-ups, you may hire skip bins to discard them for you. The company will deliver a skip bin appropriate to your waste type and pick it up at your place. 

It’s convenient because you won’t have to leave your premises to have your concrete and rubble collected. But you have to fill the bin yourself. You also have to know the different types of waste and sort your rubbish accordingly. That said, you can’t mix garden waste or household rubbish with construction waste.

You’ll also need enough lawn space for the bins since some councils forbid placing them on kerbsides or public properties.

5. Hire Rubbish Removal Services

The concrete and rubble disposal methods described earlier are great, but they require time and effort to accomplish. You can always count on rubbish removal services to responsibly dispose of concrete and rubble despite your busy schedule. Our All Gone Rubbish Removal experts will complete the task for an affordable price. 

Unlike skip bins and council pick-ups, you can always request our same-day construction rubbish removal services. Plus, we’ll also sort the waste for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Simply call us at 0480 047 806 and make the booking before 2 pm. We’ll immediately give you an obligation-free quote and head wherever you are in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.  

As locals, we’re committed to caring for the environment in ways that we know best: responsible rubbish disposal. Whether residential, commercial, or construction waste, we’ll take it to recycling centres as much as possible. This way, we can help keep bulky waste like concrete and rubble away from landfills and streets.    

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