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How to Dispose of Large Quantities of Bricks

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House construction, renovation, or several DIY masonry and landscaping projects can leave you with a massive heap of bricks to get rid (or take care of). As soon as you finish a project, you’ll feel burdened thinking about how to dispose of it without breaking the bank.

Read on to explore all disposal options and a few recycling/repurposing ideas if you want to keep them for future use.

Ways to Dispose of Large Quantities of Bricks

1. Hire a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin can be a more involved task to get rid of heaps of bricks at home—but it may also pose a few disadvantages for homeowners. Here’s a run-through of the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a skip bin:


  • You can dispose of the bricks without leaving your premises
  • The company will deliver the skip bin and pick it up at your place
  • You can fill the skip bin during your free time, making for a decent exercise


  • You need to have extra space at your property for the skip bin. Local councils may have unique restrictions on placing skip bins on public property or kerbside.
  • You have to load the piles of bricks yourself.
  • You may be restricted from dumping other types of rubbish in the bin. That means picking out pieces of garden waste or household rubbish mixed with the bricks.
  • If placed on turf, the skip bin will stay at your place for a few days and may damage your lawn/garden.

2. Send the Bricks to the Landfill Yourself

Disposing of the bricks on your own is the cheapest option if:

  • You know where the local landfill is
  • You have a sizeable truck to fit all the bricks

It sounds oddly specific, but it may be an option if you own a truck. However, it’s also the most physically demanding and time-consuming option.

Besides, if your truck isn’t sizeable enough, you have to make multiple trips to get rid of all the bricks.

Let’s talk about the cost.

Most local landfills charge by ton or trip. You can ask your local council or municipality if they provide bulk disposal programs and save you money.

However, it may be suitable only if you’re disposing of a few bricks compared to an entire renovation/construction project’s worth.


  • No need to pay for a skip bin
  • A low-cost option when getting rid of small piles of bricks
  • You can do the job at your own time and pace


  • You have to make multiple trips to get rid of large quantities of bricks
  • You need to do the heavy lifting and dispose of bricks yourself
  • Doing the lifting and driving multiple times can be more physically demanding than the other options
  • You need access to a truck to transport the rubbish

3. Hire a Rubbish Removal Team

At All Gone Rubbish Removals, we specialise in disposing of large quantities of household and commercial rubbish, including bricks and debris. Call us, and we’ll provide a fixed quote, arrive at your location, load up all the bricks in our fleet of trucks, and dispose of them properly.

You don’t have to lift a finger—just give us the signal, and you can keep at your daily routine and focus on more important matters. Besides, we don’t only focus on getting rid of your rubbish but also on providing you with convenience and same-day service.


  • Our rubbish removal team will take care of everything for you. You don’t even have to pile up the bricks for removal. Just leave them where they are, and we’ll get rid of them.
  • We provide a transparent and all-inclusive quote with no hidden fees.
  • Provide an all-inclusive quote
  • Can dispose of large quantities of bricks
  • Depending on prior arrangements, you can allow us to proceed with the clean-out even when you aren’t home.


  • May cost a little more than hiring a skip bin or transporting the bricks yourself

Hassle-Free Brick Disposal with All Gone Rubbish Removals

Bricks are a common construction waste that’s difficult to get rid of without proper machinery. However, you don’t have to own a truck or have plenty of free time to say goodbye to massive heaps of bricks.

For affordable and reliable construction waste removal, call Aaron today at 0427 783 277. We take your safety and ours very seriously and have the expertise and equipment to handle any job, no matter the size. For your next rubbish removal, call us. We proudly serve Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and the Hunter Region.

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