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How To Donate Unused Books in Sydney, NSW

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by All Gone Admin
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Due to our busy lives, we often find ourselves surrounded by books we’ve already read, new ones that we’ll probably never open, or books we’ve simply outgrown. They just sit on the shelves, gathering dust. Instead of letting them sit unused in the corner, imagine the joy of giving them a new purpose by donating them to others.  

Unfortunately, in Australia alone, libraries dispose of about 4.5 million books yearly, meaning nearly 1,800 tonnes of books end up in landfills

Instead of throwing them away, we can still give them a second chance while protecting the environment. In this guide, we'll discuss how and where you can donate your unused books.

1. Charities

When we buy a book, the synopsis on the back cover initially excites us, sparking our interest in discovering and learning. Yet once we've read it, we forget about its existence. Consider sharing the book with others who are also eager to learn!

Charities focused on education have kids excited to read the books and other learning materials we donate. The books we donate can also inspire someone who doesn't read to pick up a book and develop an interest in reading. Here's a brief list of charities where you can donate your unused books:

Once you've selected the charity for donation, you can visit their official websites to review their guidelines on the types of books they accept, locate their drop-off points, or explore other ways to assist them in their vision and advocacy. 

2. Street Libraries

If you've noticed small boxes with books in the streets, you've probably found a street library! 

Street libraries are little houses of books where you can borrow one or leave one for someone else. They help you share your love of reading and connect you with others in your community. 

Instead of letting your old and unused books collect dust on the shelves, consider donating them to a Street Library near you. They have hundreds of drop-off spots, so it’s easy to donate!

If you’re interested, you can even work with them to start your own street library

3. Local Libraries

If you have any books you don’t need, consider donating them to your local library. Many libraries accept book donations to improve their collection. However, they usually have specific rules when it comes to book donations.

They often look for materials focusing on the country’s history, culture, or books with global significance. Donating valuable items may qualify for tax deductions through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program in some states. 

If you want to donate, check the library's collection development and strategy policy first. They don’t usually take donations immediately, as they must evaluate them first. 

4. Educational Institutions

When it comes to books and learning, where do we go? Schools!

According to research by Australia Reads, approximately a quarter of Australians have yet to read a single book in a year. Furthermore, children's engagement in reading for pleasure has steadily declined, dropping from 79% in 2018 to 72% in 2022.

Donate your unused books to schools and other educational institutions, and inspire kids (and adults) to love reading and learning!

Find a public or private school and ask about its donation process. Check out its reading programs, as well, to make sure your donation matches its needs. 

5. Online Platforms

Let’s use technology to help out!

Besides donating, you can sell or give away your books on online sites like eBay and GumTree. This lets you reach a bigger audience and maybe find someone looking for the book you have. 

You can also join various online organisations like Freecycle. They help people trade and donate items to reduce waste and keep things out of landfills. Find your town on their website and connect with your local community to jumpstart. 

6. Junk Removal Service

If you’re too busy to personally visit charities, libraries, and schools to donate your unused books, call for a reliable rubbish removal service like All Gone Rubbish Removals. 

We recognise the difficulty of parting with our beloved books but acknowledge they can become burdensome when they accumulate dust and clutter. It’s time to let go, and with our expertise, we’ll handle all your unwanted books or any waste removal hassle-free!

From unused books, kitchen demolition or garden waste service to complete home renovation, we’re just a phone call away. Whether you reside in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Gosford, we can help!

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