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NSW Return & Earn Scheme: Everything You Need To Know

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Are you ready to positively impact the environment while earning rewards? The NSW Return & Earn Scheme is the perfect opportunity to contribute to a cleaner and greener future. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the scheme, making participation easy and rewarding.

The Return & Earn Scheme is an innovative New South Wales Government initiative to reduce litter and promote recycling. It encourages individuals and communities to collect and return eligible beverage containers for recycling, earning rewards.

Return & Earn Scheme

NSW Return & Earn Scheme: How It Works

The NSW Return & Earn Scheme is a simple yet impactful initiative to promote recycling and reduce litter in New South Wales.

What items can be returned?

So, you’ve got a bunch of drink containers lying around after a BBQ or a birthday bash? Most of these can be turned into cash. We’re talking plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminium cans, you name it. You're probably golden if it’s between 150ml and 3 litres and hasn’t housed anything dangerous or non-beverage-like. Just ensure they’re empty, not squashed, and still have their labels on.

Finding a collection point

These collection points are dotted all over the place. Whether it’s a reverse vending machine where you can see your bottles gobbled up and count your returns or a more traditional drop-off spot at local shops or dedicated centres, you won’t have to go far. It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of a map, there’s an easy-to-use website or app to guide you.

Earn cash or make a donation

Here’s where it gets fun. Dropping off your containers, you get a choice: keep the 10 cents per container for yourself (because, let’s face it, every bit helps), or if you’re feeling generous, you can donate it to charity. Some places even allow you to grab a voucher for local stores to treat yourself as eco-friendly.

Why should I participate in Return & Earn?

Apart from the obvious perk of getting some extra pocket money, you’re helping keep the environment cleaner. Less stuff ending up in landfills or, worse, our rivers and oceans means a happier, healthier planet. Plus, it’s a solid way to support local recycling efforts and even local charities if you donate your returns.

Staying updated is key because the scheme is always evolving. New collection points pop up; special offers or community events sometimes make it even more worthwhile. Checking out the Return & Earn website or following them on social media means you won’t miss out.

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Return & Earn Illustration


What is the NSW Return & Earn Scheme?

The Return & Earn Scheme is an initiative by the New South Wales Government to encourage recycling. You can earn refunds by returning eligible beverage containers to designated collection points.

Which containers are eligible for the scheme?

Eligible containers include most beverage containers between 150ml and 3 litres. Examples are plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminium cans, and liquid paperboard (cartons). Ensure containers are empty, undamaged, and with original labels.

Where can I find Return and Earn collection points?

Collection points are diverse, ranging from reverse vending machines to over-the-counter locations, automated depots, and temporary pop-up events. Look for the Return and Earn logo at supermarkets, local businesses, and recycling centres.

How much is the refund for each container?

Refund amounts vary based on the type and size of the container, usually ranging from 10 cents to 20 cents per item. You can accumulate refunds and choose between cash, retail vouchers, or charity donations.

Can I crush or flatten containers before returning them?

No, containers should be returned in their original form. Crushing or flattening may impact the recycling accuracy and identification of eligible containers.

Are there any contaminants to avoid when returning containers?

Yes, containers should be free from contaminants like food or liquid. Ensuring cleanliness improves the efficiency of the recycling process.

Can I return containers purchased outside of NSW?

You can return containers from other states if they meet eligibility criteria. Check with the specific collection point for guidelines.

Can I track my returns or find nearby collection points online?

The Return and Earn website and app provide tools to locate collection points, track returns, and stay updated on scheme-related information.

How does participating in Return and Earn benefit the environment?

By recycling eligible containers, you contribute to reducing litter, conserving resources, and minimising the environmental impact of waste disposal. The scheme promotes sustainability and a cleaner environment.

How can I stay informed about updates and events related to Return and Earn?

Regularly check the official Return and Earn website and follow their social media channels for the latest updates, news, and information on community events.

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