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Strathfield rubbish disposal is made simple, quick and affordable thanks to our rubbish removal experts.
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Your Local Rubbish Removal Service

Affordable rubbish removal has never been of a higher quality than with All Gone Rubbish Removal. Finally, you can have your rubbish removed quickly, easily, and affordably, removing the added stress of hiring skip bins or lugging unwanted furniture down the stairs.

Our rubbish removal in Strathfield provides an essential service for local Strathfield residents, businesses, and construction sites, ensuring household rubbish, construction waste and other rubbish is sorted in an environmentally friendly manner suited to the guidelines of the local council.

When you've been providing rubbish removal services for as long as we have, you gain a solid understanding of what it takes to deliver excellent service in a personalised way. We know the Sydney region and Strathfield area like the back of our hands, allowing us to provide cheap junk removal in a fast and friendly manner.

A Complete Solution

Doing your own rubbish disposal can be ineffective, messy, stressful, and time-consuming. Not to mention expensive. Often, people resort to shoving general rubbish and old household items into their car, leaving trash behind to take up storage space until the next free Saturday they can get to the tip. On the other hand, many people assume a skip bin will be adequate for their garden and green waste or household junk. This often leads to a backbreaking effort, not enough rubbish space and intrusion on their home or their neighbours.

Thanks to our waste removal services, you can complete your renovation, construction job or spring clean-out, without giving a second thought to how much or what you get rid of. Whether you have piles of garden waste, old clunky furniture or a large amount of scrap metal, there is nothing our Strathfield rubbish removal crew can't handle.

We engage with recycling services wherever possible to keep Strathfield clean and green, so you can have peace of mind that your rubbish isn't ending up where it doesn't belong. We will do all the heavy lifting and clean up as we go, so your site will look like new without a scrap left behind.

Same-Day Rubbish Removal Services

The rubbish produced from residential properties, businesses and worksites can quickly accumulate to become an unmanageable mess. Our same-day rubbish removal service can provide the perfect solution.

If you call before 2 pm, we can be on your site on the very same day to dispose of your old couch before the new one arrives or to get your garage cleaned up before the in-laws rock up. Our same-day services, although highly valuable and sought after, remain cost-effective, with our fully trained staff working quickly with all the right tools for the job.

Don't let your garbage get out of hand or accumulate any longer.

Call our Strathfield rubbish removal team for your free quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does rubbish removal cost?

We work hard to provide cheap rubbish removal, with prices starting at $69. Obtaining a free quote is the best way to find out the exact cost of your rubbish removal service, which you can do by simply texting through a photo of your rubbish to 0427 783 277.

Can you pick up my rubbish today?

We offer a same day rubbish removal service, where if you call before 2 pm we can collect your rubbish to whisk away to landfill on the very same day. This service is available for most sites and waste types.

Do you recycle my rubbish?

Yes, we are passionate about keeping the Strathfield area as clean as possible, and we protect the environment as much as we can. While not everything is possible to recycle, we will dispose of your trash in an efficient manner ensuring it ends up in the right landfill or recycle centre.

Where does our rubbish end up?

We take all Strathfield rubbish to the closest and most appropriate landfill or recycle centre.
No we don't take hazardous waste such as chemicals, fuel, explosives or flammable liquids.


Over 10 Years Experience

We have been performing rubbish removals across Sydney for over a decade, making us efficient and skilled for your job


We can perform same day rubbish removal or come at a time that best suits you


We provide a free quote for every job with no hidden costs or obligations


We will collect all your rubbish and tidy up as we go, even sweeping up when we're done

Free online quote – Fast & Easy


A fully equipped truck can make all the difference when it comes to the success of a rubbish removal job. Our 3-tonne trucks and experienced team can do anything from office rubbish removal to hauling piles of heavy construction waste.

With an 8 cubic metre capacity, our rubbish removal trucks can access your rubbish at any point that a typical 4wd normally would, and they feature high sides to accommodate small driveways, units, apartments, and quirky blocks.

Thanks to our fleet of trucks and vehicles such as bobcats and excavators, you don't need to hire expensive skip bins or worry about hauling piles of green waste into a more convenient position. Rubbish removal has never been simpler.