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Best Ways To Dispose of Mattresses in Sydney

Don’t just dispose of your old mattress; we have a systematic, environment-friendly mattress disposal approach that can also save you money.  Here in Sydney, you can dispose of your old mattresses through recycling facilities like Soft Landing, donate them to a charity shop if they are still in good condition, or hire an expert mattress […]

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How to Dispose of Methylated Spirits

Methylated spirits are a form of alcohol comprised of harmful or bitter substances, making it unsuitable for drinking. They are a colourless liquid mostly used as fuel and solvents and have become a favourite chemical used in every Australian household for cleaning products. Also known as denatured alcohol, this hazardous substance is usually used to […]

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Report A Tosser: NSW’s Littering Program

The problem of littering never goes away. It destroys the beauty of our environment and puts animals in great danger. The government of New South Wales (NSW) has devised a creative way to deal with this problem: the "Report A Tosser" programme.  This programme gives regular people the tools they need to report litterers and […]

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Gym Equipment & Exercise Machine Disposal

After the COVID lockdowns, many people built home gyms to stay fit inside. When lockdowns were lifted, you might find that you no longer need or want the gym equipment. It can be hard to eliminate unwanted exercise equipment due to its size and weight. Luckily, there are several safe and responsible ways for gym […]

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Top 10 Countries That Produce The Most Waste

According to World Population Review, over 8 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950, with more than half ending up in landfills and only 9% being recycled.  Plastic harms the environment by leaching toxic chemicals and endangering animals. Larger countries produce more plastic waste, but per capita rankings reveal different top producers. The […]

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Australian Recycling Symbols & What They Mean

If we know what the recycling symbols mean, how we deal with trash can change a lot. Australian homes and businesses can recycle more efficiently and leave less of an impact on the earth if they know what each symbol means. Recycling Symbols Description Recycling symbol (or Mobius Loop): The item was made from recycled […]

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How To Properly Dispose LPG Gas Bottles

One can always use an LPG bottle, whether cooking, lighting, or heating. After all, it's been Australia’s source of clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy for decades. But have you ever wondered what happens to the gas bottles once you've run out of LPG?   LPG Use in Australia LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Although it […]

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How to Dispose of Concrete and Rubble

With all the new interior designs, furniture, and rooms, home and office renovations often remind us of new beginnings. But behind all the flashy changes is the sad reality of overflowing construction waste, especially concrete and rubble.  Did you know that 75% of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste is concrete? Unfortunately, most of this waste […]

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20 Recycling Statistics & Facts Australia (2024)

In a world full of waste streams, Australia stepped up to resolve the problem. The local councils manage the recycling project, with their own rules about what can and cannot go in recycling bins. This article will help you understand how the Australian government and its citizens tackle the problems of rubbish and how they […]

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30 Littering Facts That Will Shock You

Littering is a global problem affecting everyone on our planet—humans, plants, animals, and the environment. We see pieces of litter everywhere, including parks, schools, and almost any street.  They come in different forms, including candy wrappers, plastic bags, and drink cans. But it doesn't end in land. Trillions of waste debris also exist in our […]

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How To Remove Organic Waste?

Organic waste is anything microorganisms can break down into simple compounds like water, carbon dioxide, and methane. Examples of these are food scraps and garden organics. You might think that these characteristics make this rubbish easier to dispose of. But today, the world's generating more organic waste than we can handle.    Based on the 2022 […]

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What Can I Throw Into The Green Garden Waste Bin?

As spring comes, it’s time to clean up our gardens. Whether planting flowers, trimming shrubs or gathering fallen leaves, you’ll likely have a bunch of garden waste. You might use your green garden waste and stuff it all there when you need to get rid of it.  However, throwing in whatever you’ve cleared from your […]

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What Can I Throw Into The Yellow Recycling Bin?

If you frequently experience having a debate in your mind about whether certain trash is recyclable or not, then you're not alone! Figuring out where certain items should go and distinguishing between recyclable and non-recyclable materials can be tricky. If you assume all plastics are the same, that’s not the case. Unfortunately, 36% of Australians […]

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How To Donate Clothing in NSW

Shopping for new clothes is fun and relaxing, especially if you do it during big sales. But we often end up buying things we never wear and forget why we got them in the first place. Our closets might be full of unworn jeans and shirts with tags still on, even years later. Everybody must […]

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What Can I Throw Into The Red Rubbish Bin?

If you love throwing parties in your backyard, you most likely have a lot of waste to deal with afterwards. Handling waste properly is important, but you might be unsure how to go about it. What goes where? According to a 2019 report, each individual in NSW produced 8.8 kilograms of waste each week. This […]

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