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Category: Recycling

What Can I Throw Into The Yellow Recycling Bin?

If you frequently experience having a debate in your mind about whether certain trash is recyclable or not, then you're not alone! Figuring out where certain items should go and distinguishing between recyclable and non-recyclable materials can be tricky. If you assume all plastics are the same, that’s not the case. Unfortunately, 36% of Australians […]

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How To Donate Clothing in NSW

Shopping for new clothes is fun and relaxing, especially if you do it during big sales. But we often end up buying things we never wear and forget why we got them in the first place. Our closets might be full of unworn jeans and shirts with tags still on, even years later. Everybody must […]

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What Can I Throw Into The Red Rubbish Bin?

If you love throwing parties in your backyard, you most likely have a lot of waste to deal with afterwards. Handling waste properly is important, but you might be unsure how to go about it. What goes where? According to a 2019 report, each individual in NSW produced 8.8 kilograms of waste each week. This […]

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How To Donate Unused Books in Sydney, NSW

Due to our busy lives, we often find ourselves surrounded by books we’ve already read, new ones that we’ll probably never open, or books we’ve simply outgrown. They just sit on the shelves, gathering dust. Instead of letting them sit unused in the corner, imagine the joy of giving them a new purpose by donating […]

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How To Book A Council Pick-Up in NSW

After you've decluttered your space, you might find yourself with old furniture, appliances, and garden waste that you need to dispose of. Whether you’re downsizing, making room for new items, or simply refreshing your home, you’ll need a convenient way to get rid of these items.  Don’t worry!  Your local council offers a service that […]

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7 Best Ways To Reduce Littering

Imagine taking a peaceful stroll in the park, enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun and the fresh air. But as you walk, you’re interrupted by a disturbing sight— litter scattered everywhere, from empty chip bags and soda cans to cigarette butts. You pause, realising that something needs to change. Litter is a major issue […]

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How To Dispose of Blinds in Australia

Redecorating our homes to match our changing tastes and preferences is always thrilling. It can be by picking new furniture, stripping the kitchen or bathroom, and letting go of some old stuff, like your dusty blinds, to make space for better ones.  We all use blinds to manage light and add privacy at home, just […]

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How to Dispose of Glass

Take a look around. You’re probably surrounded by glass, from the mirrors and windows in your living room to the solar panels powering your home. This shows how glass has become a staple material in various aspects of our lives. But what happens to glass when it breaks and turns into seemingly unusable pieces? Most […]

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How to Dispose of Mattresses

Mattresses provide comfort after a long day, but they’ve become a problem for Australia’s waste management in recent years. Approximately 1.8 million end-of-life (EOL) mattresses are disposed of in the country annually. Unfortunately, many of these are in landfills or illegally dumped in streets and bushlands.   Although 60% of this figure is collected for recycling, […]

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How To Dispose of Steel & Scrap Metal

Scrap metal, whether from old cast iron pans, steel bicycles, fences, or excess rebars, is highly valuable and recyclable. Once retrieved from scrap and rubbish, it can be sorted, sheared, and smelted to become useful raw material. It would be best to recycle steel and scrap metal whenever possible. Not only is it very difficult […]

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How to Dispose of Tiles

You recently completed renovating your bathroom or home when you find broken tiles and other construction debris. While it’s very typical to have fragments of old tiles lying around after demolition, tile disposal is challenging and may require more attention than you think. Unlike garden waste, you cannot just set and forget old tiles. Throwing […]

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How to Dispose of Large Quantities of Bricks

House construction, renovation, or several DIY masonry and landscaping projects can leave you with a massive heap of bricks to get rid (or take care of). As soon as you finish a project, you’ll feel burdened thinking about how to dispose of it without breaking the bank. Read on to explore all disposal options and […]

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How to Dispose of Household Light Bulbs

Most Aussies don’t think twice about throwing away broken and busted light bulbs. When an LED, CFL, or incandescent bulb burns out or breaks, we immediately pay attention to the yellow bin (recycling bin). After all, it is mostly metal and glass, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. If you think about it […]

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Coffee Cup Waste Statistics Australia (2024)

Every year, Australians throw away approximately 1.84 billion single-use coffee cups—most of which fill up landfills and oceans. By coffee cups, that includes their plastic lids, polluting waterways and oceans at a rate estimated to triple by 2040.  With those figures and forecasts in mind, the government, local businesses, and consumers are shifting away from […]

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Plastic Bags Statistics & Facts Australia

Plastic bags – those flimsy, seemingly harmless carriers – wreak havoc on Australia’s environment. Their impact has been profound and evident across several suburbs, from clogging up waterways to endangering wildlife. But what do the numbers say about Australia’s plastic bag waste crisis?  Australia ranks second globally in per capita waste generation, with each individual […]

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