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How to Dispose of Tiles

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Marble tiles

You recently completed renovating your bathroom or home when you find broken tiles and other construction debris. While it’s very typical to have fragments of old tiles lying around after demolition, tile disposal is challenging and may require more attention than you think.

Unlike garden waste, you cannot just set and forget old tiles. Throwing them out on weekly kerbside pick-up won’t do it any good either, as they’ll only end up in landfills, losing any value they have left.

Tiles are made of ceramics, glass, marble, and cement, which can potentially harm the environment if disposed of incorrectly. Many suburbs and local councils have certain guidelines on tile disposal.

In most Sydney suburbs, broken ceramics must be disposed of in general waste bins with a grey or red lid. However, local councils encourage people to donate tiles in good shape to charity stores.

If you have heaps of useful tiles at home, here are 5 proper ways to dispose of them while maximising their value. For those with many broken tiles, please read below for information about convenient ways to get rid of them and other construction/renovation waste.

  1. Donate Tiles that are in Good Shape

Take an inventory of all your usable tiles and prepare them for donation. Contact your local charity stores, thrift shops, and other initiatives to determine if they accept tiles as donations.

You can also contact your local church or community centre to see if they could use your tiles for renovation.

Once you have decided where to donate the tiles, place them neatly together when you drop them off at the agreed location. Otherwise, follow the instructions of your local organisation/charity on how to prepare them for donation.

  1. Recycle Old Tiles

Local recycling centres may accept old tiles for municipal use or path walk rehabilitation projects. Contact your local recycling centres to see if they accept old tiles.

After getting approval, clean the tiles, stack them properly, and place them in sturdy boxes. This ensures that no contaminants enter the recycling stream and that all tiles become valuable raw materials.

  1. How about selling Tiles?

Selling useful tiles that are still in great shape is a good idea. Besides, a few large broken tiles can become a stunning abstract floor decor or kitchen countertop.

Online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Gumtree are great platforms for selling old tiles. But you may also want to ask your friends, relatives, and neighbours if they want to buy them.

You’ll be surprised at how many enquiries and responses you’ll get! 

  1. Repurpose Old Tiles with DIY Projects

When mixed with concrete, metal scraps, a few broken tools, and a touch of creativity, old tiles can become functional and aesthetic decors. You can earn a few dollars by selling them as garden ornaments, plant pots, or outdoor pathwalk decors.

Besides, you’ve just finished your bathroom or home renovation. Just store those tiles neatly until your creative streak ignites again.

Until then, here are a few DIY projects you could do in the future with old tiles:

  • Tile coasters: Think about a functional (and heat-resistant) coaster using your old tile for your morning coffee or cup of afternoon tea. Simply glue a velvet patch or rubber pad on the bottom of a decent tile to avoid scratching surfaces, and you have a coaster that rocks!
  • Tile plant stands: Glue a piece of old tile over a plain footstool or side table to make a colourful plant stand. You can use your creativity to create other planters using old tiles and a few sturdy stools or stands.
  • Tile trays: Give your visitors a Mediterranean vibe by serving them cheese and crackers in tile trays. Glue your tiles in an old sideboard or make one from scratch and attach stainless steel cabinet handles to complete the look!

Call All Gone Rubbish Removal for Same-Day Tile Disposal

Donating, selling, or repurposing old tiles are excellent options for maximising their value and life. However, not everyone has the time, tools, and resources to perform most of the above options.

Most people want to get rid of heaps of old and broken tiles as soon as possible. That’s where All Gone Rubbish Removals can help.

For affordable and reliable same-day tile debris and construction rubbish removal, call Aaron today at 0427 783 277. We take your safety and ours very seriously and have the expertise and equipment to handle any renovation clean-up, regardless of size. For your next rubbish removal, call us. We proudly serve Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and the Hunter Region.

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