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Rubbish Removal Services vs Skip Bin Hire

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by Aaron Fabien

When it comes to waste disposal, there are two main options: to book a rubbish removal service or hire a skip bin.

The main difference between them is in how much work you want to do in disposing of that broken fridge among the household waste or getting rid of that mountain of backyard green waste.

Below is a comparison between the two as we explore the pros and cons of both.

unwanted furnitures laid outside

What is Included in a Professional Rubbish Removal Company's Services?

When hiring professionals in effective waste management, you get a team that will do the job quickly and efficiently, with the knowledge and expertise to handle multiple waste types safely. You don't need to prepare or move a thing. Simply tell the team what you want gone, and the company will take care of everything for you. You don't even have to lift a finger!

All Gone Rubbish - Hiring a Rubbish Removal Company's Service

Pros & Cons of Rubbish Removal Services

The pros and cons of rubbish removal services relate to the benefit of someone else lifting heavy rubbish at slightly increased costs.


  • No heavy lifting; the professionals will carry everything themselves.
  • Same-day service; some companies, like All Gone Rubbish Removals, offer same-day service.
  • Accurate quotes; call for an obligation-free quote to get the most accurate price for your rubbish removal.
  • One booking; you only need to make one phone call to book a rubbish collection service.


  • Preparation is key; rubbish removal is a quick and efficient process, so you'll have to know already what you want to be taken away.
  • Adding labour costs typically costs slightly more than simply hiring a skip bin.

What's Included When Hiring a Skip Bin?

When hiring a skip bin, you get the bin and the time you need to fill it. Many companies offer different time frames, so you can add rubbish to the skip bin as quickly or as slowly as you like. At the end of your booked time, the skip bin company will collect the bin and dispose of your rubbish.

Skip Bin Hire

Pros & Cons of Skip Bin Hire

The pros and cons of skip bin hire relate to the increased time and freedom balanced by the risk of increased and unnecessary costs.


  • You can pay for as long or as little as you like, giving you plenty of time to weigh up what you want to get rid of.


  • Paying for time; if you end up booking longer than you need the skip, you may be liable to pay for that extra agreed-upon time.
  • Estimating the size; while companies can give you an estimation, choosing the correct size of the skip bin is ultimately up to you.
  • Extra charges; skip bin hire companies typically charge by the weight of the rubbish, so you risk paying for extra weight if you add too much.
  • Taking up space; storing a skip bin for any length of time will take up plenty of space, either blocking off part of a driveway, taking up room on a concrete slab or veranda, or leaving a big dead patch on the grass.
  • Two bookings are required; you must arrange for both the skip bin to be dropped off AND picked up when you're done.

Which One is the Safest Option?

With a common sense of personal safety, both options should be safe. However, lifting heavy items, like furniture or white goods, over the lip of skip bins risks potential fall or strain injuries, especially if you remove your unwanted items yourself. All it takes is a moment of inattention while lifting something heavy, and severe injury can occur.

With a rubbish removal company, such as All Gone Rubbish Removals, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to handle all stages of the waste management process. We take our safety and yours very seriously and provide a team of expert rubbish removalists to tackle all the waste you need to be removed.

Avoid health hazards during your rubbish disposal by calling a rubbish removal company.

Which One is the Cheaper Option?

It largely depends is the simple answer. Both rubbish removal and skip bins will have a range of price options depending on the job size. Naturally, the larger the bin or truck required, the more expensive the service will be, but one way to get the costs down is to work with the company by telling them exactly what you need to get rid of. That way, the company can provide you with the skip bin or truck that suits your needs as closely as possible.

Quotes from All Gone Rubbish Removals start from $69 and are tailored to the precise types and amount of waste you have. Our team will ask you a few questions during the booking process to ensure you are not paying for anything you don't need.

Unless you can find a skip bin significantly cheaper AND are willing to do all the heavy lifting yourself, why not consider hiring the experts in junk removal? The cost-effectiveness is more than worth it.

Which Option is More Convenient?

Again, this can be a very subjective choice depending on your personal needs and any time constraints you may have. The benefits of a skip bin are that it is there at your convenience for a longer period. Skip bin hire companies typically charge by the day, so you must estimate how long you need to hire the skip bin yourself. This means you may end up paying for time you don't need or feel stressed and exhausted if you underestimate the time you need.

While skip bins give you the luxury of time, if you need your rubbish gone yesterday, consider hiring a rubbish removal service instead.

Skip hire is also subject to how much space you have. A skip will take up room, either blocking part of the driveway, sitting at the front of your house, or leaving a big dead patch on the lawn.

Hiring a skip bin may also be subject to council regulations, permits and approvals, which is another hassle to go through, adding to the cost of this choice.

Instead, hiring a rubbish removal company can save you from having to do any of the heavy lifting and waste disposal can be completed in just a few hours. Tell us what you want to be removed, whether unwanted furniture, old white goods, garden waste or other materials, and our expert team will quickly and efficiently load it up into their truck.

Which is Best for Construction Site Waste?

Hiring skip bins seems to go hand in hand with the construction site, and they can be very convenient as work crews slowly dispose of their waste as the work goes on.

But rubbish removal may be the more logical choice for large jobs (like house cleaning companies for cleaning). Rubbish removal companies can remove hard piles of gravel or stones or tile or brick offcuts, making the entire process easier. Instead of having yourself or your work crew move the earth and offcuts into the skip, hire a professional rubbish removal company to do it for you while you get back to the building.

The cost will likely be worth it to get the job done sooner.

Additionally, bin hire companies may not sort through your waste, dumping everything in a landfill instead, even if it could have been potentially reused or recycled. Companies like All Gone Rubbish Removal will sort your waste for you, ensuring everything that can be recycled is.

Which is Best for Deceased Estates?

Cleaning out a deceased estate is a challenging task at the best of times. Emotions are high, and loss is already at the forefront of people's minds. A skip bin out in the front yard may worsen this.

Picture the old and unwanted furniture of a deceased loved one unceremoniously tossed into a skip bin in the front yard. Rubbish removal companies can quickly and discreetly remove unwanted items from the deceased estate, minimising any emotional triggers felt by people already feeling the loss.

In addition, the team at All Gone Rubbish Removals prides itself on our reusing and recycling initiatives. We endeavour to take as little to landfill as possible, always preferring to give unwanted items a second chance. Old appliances can be taken apart, the raw materials recycled, and old furniture can be taken to collection depots to be refurbished to live on and benefit someone else's life.

Which is Best for Stripouts & Demolition?

The rubbish generated from strip-outs and demolition can be a lot. Managing waste may be the last thing on your mind if you are doing the work yourself, hauling out chunks of plasterboard, timber or brick. Kitchen stripouts and bathroom stripouts can quickly result in piles of tiles and countertops.

This is where personal preference can come into play. If you prefer a cleaner work area and also don't mind paying the price of carrying all your waste yourself, a skip bin can be a great idea. However, carrying it to the skip bin can cost a lot of time and energy, especially if the work is done solo or in a small team.

On the other hand, you can leave the construction waste where it falls or organise it into small piles, ready for the rubbish removal team to come and sweep it all away. There's no site too difficult for the team at All Gone Rubbish Removals, who even include a clean up and tidy of the work area after the waste has been loaded into the truck.

All Gone Rubbish Removal - Our Team

The Final Decision — Which Option is Right for You?

The final decision to opt for a rubbish removal service or a skip bin is ultimately up to you. Do you need more time to consider what you want to dispose of, or do you want it all gone today? Is money the most significant factor, or do you mind spending more to avoid the heavy lifting yourself?

While the skip certainly has its place, our customers are completely satisfied with our rubbish removal service. With over 100 genuine reviews averaging 4.8 stars, our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Call the friendly and expert team at All Gone Rubbish Removals for an obligation-free quote if you are around the Greater Sydney area and need rubbish removed fast.

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